Some Important Points About Points

Thanks to the tremendous commitment of WSHJA’s Points Chair, Karen Freywald, you might have noticed that your point standings are updated within two weeks of the end of show dates. Not only that, Karen has proactively reached out to everyone to help get their membership current or their horses recorded so that they receive each and every point earned. Please recognize Karen for the spectacular job she’s done so far!

With over 130 year-end award categories, 81 for the National Program and 51 for State, it is quite the undertaking to ensure all points earned from the many horse shows WSHJA members attend up and down the coast are captured and accrued properly.

Read on for the four important steps you can take to ensure every point you worked so hard to earn is tracked and awarded!  More...

WSHJA Community At-A-Glance

by WSHJA Member Services May 24, 2011 in Membership

The WSHJA community is a wonderful reflection of the diverse and talented population involved in the hunter jumper sport here in the Northwest. Year over year the WSHJA community is growing and coming together to ensure a thriving equestrian culture for all. Some interesting facts about the WSHJA membership:

  • Ranging in age from 5 to 72, members show that every age is the perfect age to be involved in the sport.
  • Although the greater majority of the membership is female (91% to be exact), it’s one of the few sports where men & women compete on equal footing.
  • Unlike some other sports where competition careers end at a very young age, our membership (38%) compete as Amateurs. 41% compete in Children's/Juniors. 13% compete among the professional ranks.


Juniors Raise $1000 For WSHJA Scholarship Fund!

The newly formed Junior Committee, led by Junior Representative Leah Raphael raised over a $1000 for the Scholarship Fund at the Spring National horse shows by raffling off a GR8 helmet generously donated by The Gift Horse, a 3-photo package contributed by Jay Goss Photography, and a stall for each week of the circuit. A special note of thanks goes out to our superstar sellers; Mackenzie Audino, Wendy Collins, Emily Hilton, Lauren Myers, Shalini Singh, Hannah Thornton.