Grand Prix

The original "extreme sport" takes flight in the Pacific Northwest during show jumping's Grand Prix.

Rich Fellers on Flexible at the 2010 Canadian Premier. Photo courtesy Gary Voth.

Dedicated to the Hunter Jumper Sport


Thank you for your interest in the Washington State Hunter Jumper Association (WSHJA).  WSHJA is Washington State’s official governing organization for the Hunter Jumper sport, and is a proud affiliate of both the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA).

WSHJA's mission is to promote the Hunter Jumper sport in Washington State and to provide its members, sponsors and trainers with unique equestrian opportunities. 

Quiet Time

WSHJA celebrates the unique relationship between horse and rider.
Photo courtesy Delphine McCracken Photography.

WSHJA presents 6 USEF-sanctioned horse shows each year, and offers its members official recognition of achievement through its annual awards points program.  In addition, WSHJA partners with the USHJA to hold judge's clinics and trainer symposia by renowned experts, supports equestrian causes within local communities, and provides valuable scholarships to help deserving Washington State riders.

The Hunter Jumper Sport: Exhilaration in Motion

Daring. Beautiful. Poetry in motion:  these are just a few of the descriptions used to describe the hunter jumper sport.

Hunter is a classic form of English "hunt seat" riding based on the tradition of fox hunting.  Hunter competitions include both flat and over-fences classes which judge the horse's movement and form, and "equitation" classes which judge the rider's style and ability both on the flat and over-fences. The Hunter sport, with its emphasis on beauty, form and grace, is an extremely popular form of riding in the United States and Canada.

Jumper, also known as "stadium jumping" or "show jumping", is an internationally-recognized form of hunt seat riding.  Jumper competition is all about speed and "clean" rounds where the horses and riders jump a course of 10-16 obstacles, the winner determined by the shortest time and fewest faults. Show jumping demonstrates the rider's skill and the horse’s energy, speed and obedience. Especially at the Grand Prix level, in which the obstacles may be up to 6.5 feet (2.0 m) high, the Jumper sport is one of the most thrilling to watch and is a favorite at the Olympics.