The WSHJA Executive Board strives to meet once each month to discuss current agenda items. If you have a topic or suggestion that you would like to have placed on the agenda for an upcoming meeting, please email the WSHJA Secretary at:

Note: the Annual Members Meeting is held the last week of November to elect new board members and enact changes to the Bylaws. Members are encouraged to participate. Details are posted the Web site and emailed to the membership in advance.

Executive Board Meeting Calendar

Date Agenda
& Minutes
Date Agenda
& Minutes

January 4, 2017

Meeting Minutes

July 2017


February 31, 2017

Meeting Minutes

August 2017


March 29, 2017

Meeting Minutes - Draft

September 2017


April Meeting Combined with March Meeting


October 2017


May 3, 2017

Coming Soon

November 2017


June 2017


Annual Meeting:
December 2017