Education & Training

Each year WSHJA works to further member education by presenting unique learning opportunities in the form of judge's clinics and trainer symposia featuring renowned experts in the equestrian sport, and our unique Horse Sense Learning Series of equine care and awareness classes. WSHJA also provides valuable scholarships to help deserving Washington State riders.

Know Your Course

WSHJA members know their courses!  Trainer Shelly Kerron at Thunderbird
Show Park.  Photo courtesy Gary Voth.

Clinics & Trainer Symposia

At many WSHJA shows, we partner with the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) to offer Judge's Clinics which provide riders with insights into the judge's thinking and tips on improving riding skills. Regionally and nationally-renowned trainers are invited to present special classes for show attendees. And many WSHJA-affiliated riding establishments offer ongoing training.

WSHJA Horse Sense Learning Series

The WSHJA Horse Sense Learning Series of animal care and awareness articles brings together the unique perspectives and insights of qualified experts in equine welfare and training. These insights provide opportunities for the broader WSHJA community to better understand and care for our horses, which can have significant benefits for our riding and relationships. Each article offers practical information aimed at improving the care and wellbeing of our equine partners.

National Finals Event Scholarships

The WSHJA Board has approved funds for a limited number of annual scholarships for qualifying WSHJA Regular Members.  This program offers assistance to deserving Washington State riders who qualify to compete in National Finals events.  See our scholarships page for qualifying details.