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Since its inception in 1952, Washington State Hunter Jumper Association (WSHJA) has been championing the achievements of and serving the interests of Pacific Northwest riders and horses—to ensure the most rewarding equestrian experience.

Whether or not they choose to compete, WSHJA members take pride in being part of a growing community of Northwest riders and trainers dedicated to the highest standards of member education, showing experience and welfare of the horse.


WSHJA is Washington State’s official governing organization for the Hunter Jumper sport, and is a proud affiliate of both the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA).



WSHJA’s mission is to promote the Hunter Jumper sport in Washington State and to provide its members, sponsors and trainers with unique equestrian opportunities.

WSHJA presents 6 USEF-sanctioned horse shows each year, and offers its members official recognition of achievement through its annual awards points program.  In addition, WSHJA partners with the USHJA to hold judge’s clinics and trainer symposia by renowned experts, supports equestrian causes within local communities, and provides valuable scholarships to help deserving Washington State riders.

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