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Beginning in 2018, all trainers must be WSHJA members in order for horses’ and riders’ points to count toward year-end awards.


National and State Programs:

To provide year-end award recognition to our diverse membership, WSHJA offers both National and State Points Programs:

  • Members who compete actively outside of Washington State may wish to enroll in the National Program.  This program tabulates points for results earned at all USEF Regular Member shows nationwide and all Equine Canada Regular Member shows held in North America.  Enrollment in this program is essential for members who wish their out-of-state results to be counted towards year-end awards.

  • Members who compete only within the State of Washington may choose instead to enroll in the State Program. In this program, points accrue only for results earned at USEF Regular Member or USEF Local Member shows held within the state.  Competitors in the State Program may have a higher chance of earning awards at the end of the year.

Complete lists of the high score awards for both programs can be found in the WSHJA Bylaws.

Be advised that each horse and rider must compete in a minimum of (1) rated shows within Washington State for points to count toward year-end awards. Exception for Jumpers competing at 1.10M and Higher.

Outreach Program Point Standings: 

To provide year-end award recognition to our diverse membership, WSHJA offers an Outreach Points Program:

  • Outreach Member (Rider) accumulate points for all Washington Outreach shows (can show on any horse)

  • Outreach Member (Rider) points recognized and ribbons awarded at the WSHJA Annual Awards Banquet

  • Outreach Member (Rider) can participate in the WSHJA Good Seat and Hands Medal

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