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In 2022, WSHJA purchased state-of-the-art GGT footing for the indoor arena at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds (Monroe, WA). This footing is stored and installed for each WSHJA show, and we need your support to continue this project into 2023 and beyond!

As a 501c3, all WSHJA donations are tax deductible. Don’t forget, most 501c3 donations are also eligible for corporate matching.

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1) What are we doing?

We are raising funds to offset the cost of the purchase and maintenance of state-of-the-art GGT footing for WSHJA horse shows hosted at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds (Monroe, WA).

2) Why do we need this?

We acknowledge that the footing at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds was subpar for Hunter/Jumper competitions. The acquisition of the new GGT footing for the indoor arena allowed WSHJA to improve the facilities at which we host shows, protect the welfare of our horses, and expand our available class offerings (e.g., higher level jumpers).

3) Why now?

As of Dec 1, 2021, the Evergreen State Fairgrounds agreed to allow WSHJA to use their own footing. This is a pivot from previous Fairgrounds management, and we are very excited to partner with them to improve our Hunter/Jumper competitions in 2023 onward.

4) How much did the new footing cost?

The cost of our new GGT footing itself was $110,000.  Including installation and ongoing maintenance expenses, the total cost of the footing is estimated at $150,000.

5) Where will my donated funds go?

All funds donated for WSHJA Footing will be allocated directly to reoccurring installation costs and ongoing maintenance costs. All donated funds are tax deductible as a 501c3 as allowed by law.

6) How can I donate?
Donate HERE.

We also offer sponsorship packages for individuals, barns, and corporations: SPONSORSHIP GUIDE


Alternatively, you can send donations directly to:
Jennifer Riley, WSHJA Manager
3020 Issaquah Pine Lake RD SE #226
Sammamish, WA 98075

7) Can I send donations via Venmo?No, unfortunately 501c3 donations cannot be made via Venmo at this time. 

8) Are donations eligible for corporate matching?
Most corporations provide donation matching opportunities for 501c3 organizations. For example, Microsoft has approved WSHJA as eligible for their corporate matching program. Be sure to check with your company for their program specifics.

9) When will the new footing be installed? 
New footing was installed for the April, 2022 horse shows.

10) Will all of the fairground rings get the new footing?

The silica footing improvements have been installed in the indoor ring as Phase 1. In partnership with the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, efforts are underway to make improvements to the main outdoor ring for the 2023 show season.

11) Will other fairground events use WSHJA’s footing?

In general, the footing is owned by WSHJA and will be used for WSHJA sanctioned events. While the details are still being worked out, if there are horse show organizations that want to use the footing (given that it is an appropriate footing for their events, it is already installed because the timing is close to a WSHJA show, and they can care for it), they will be charged a usage fee. It is notable that WSHJA works in close partnership with the Evergreen Stair Fairgrounds staff to install and remove/store the footing. Installing and storing the new WSHJA footing at the Evergreen Equestrian
Park would not be possible without this ongoing partnership.

12) Will there be additional costs to WSHJA horse shows to have new footing?
Yes, there will be increased labor costs and ongoing maintenance of the footing. We are working with WSHJA’s horse show management company to account for this in our 2023 planning.

13) Will there be increased costs for horse show attendees?
No, we want to fund this effort via donations. WSHJA will match donations dollar for dollar to achieve our goal.

14) Can other groups use it as well? How is this expectation being set by the Fairgrounds?

Use of the footing by other organizations would possibly be considered if the show was near in time to a WSHJA show (where the footing would already be installed). These potential partnerships would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine how they might benefit WSHJA’s goals and needs.

15) Who can I contact with questions?
Questions can be directed to the WSHJA Manager at

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